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Back to Blogging- It’s all about Balance

So, I recently realized that it had been a minute since I blogged, and I mean a HOT minute. Every few days, I would think- “Man, I need to post a new blog…”- then days became weeks and weeks became MONTHS. And here we are. So, if sharing my journey thru horsemanship is important to me- then why am I not making the blog a bigger priority? This was the question I asked myself.

Part of the challenge for me with social media- is figuring out a balance between actually LIVING THE LIFE I am striving for, and spending valuable time TALKING about living that life- whether it is blogging, vlogging, FBing, or Instagramming- it all takes time that I would rather spend RIDING my horses, than TALKING about riding my horses.

I think this challenge and finding a balance is something that many other dedicated equestrians struggle with as well. I know many quality horseman who are not big into social media- often, it seems to be credited that this is due to their lack of “technology” awareness and skills, or their apathy for all the time we spend glued to our phones instead of interacting with real humans, or living creatures like our horses. But, I think part of it is this element of balance in our lives.

For me, the last few months have been a whirlwind of awesome break thrus for me and exciting developments in my horsemanship. So, why have I not been sharing them? Well, I have been too busy trying to keep up with living them, and learning to be positive in the moment and with in each experience.

So, this brings me back to the blog. Since our last post, several exciting things have happened:

  1. I sold Flash! He now has a great home with a new owner and will be doing horsemanship, some local shows, and bonding with his new teen owner.

2. I am working on expanding my business and will be starting off 2020 with a bang- taking in clients at my on-site location for training and boarding in my new Horsemanship Program.

We will also be working on offer a select group of sale horses for 2020- and I am excited to get this going as well!

3. I have just finalized details to host my mentor Barb Gerbitz in Des Moines for a clinic in May 2020 and I am so excited for this opportunity to have her come out!

4. I just spent the weekend in Kentucky finding two FANTASTIC OTTB prospects for the 2020 RRP TB Makeover. I cannot wait to get them home and share all of our journey with everyone!

So, with these and many other exciting horsemanship strides coming up for 2020- I have decided that I will make the TIME to share some of our struggles, our successes, and our moments of learning.

Because sharing and inspiring is a huge part of why I started BN Spired Horsemanship- to be able to relate to and with others in a positive and progressive manner on all things related to growing in our horsemanship.

So, be ready- because the BLOG is BACK!

Talk soon!



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